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Moodboard – the way to reflect your desired reality.

beautiful moodboard

It is not always easy to explain in words such things as own mood, impressions, feelings, dreams… That is why the moodboard helps a lot to express yourself with help of different pictures.

The good thing is that everyone can create his own moodboard, there are no special skills or talents needed.

Moodboard or Inspiration Board is selection of fragments of pictures or images made up in a collage.

Beautiful moodboard

Such way is really helpful in expressing your idea that you would like to translate through images or pictures, or to show yourself your own goals in life, art, work, home etc. and to concentrate on them.

Many designers, photographers, architects, fashion designers, artists and people who want to visualize their desires are always using Inspiration Boards.

How to make your Moodboard?

beautiful moodboard

  1. Try to pick one main style and direction that is close to your liking, and continue to follow it.
  2. You can choose the cork board for push pins or the plain sheet of cardboard or plywood. (It even can be the part of the wall in your room).
  3. Pick a lot of pictures from old unused magazines, newspapers and books. Then choose the most suitable images and fragments, cut them and pin or stick to the board.

    How to fill the Moodboard?

    The Inspiration Board may be based on a common idea, style, color palette.

    Most often a Moodboard is a mini gallery  with it’s pictures, clippings, printed photographs, favorite quotes, ornaments, nature motifs, dried leaves and flowers, maps, notes, sketches, plans, lists of dreams and goals, etc.

    The content of your Moodboard is you yourself, your work, hobby, your world.

  4. Always start making a mudboard from the center.  There you need to place the key unifiying part.
  5. You can place on the moodboard a photo with which you associate yourself.
  6. Feel free to express yourself – fortunately, the effectiveness of a mudboard does not depend on its artistic value.  Most importantly, you should end up with a picture that reflects your desired reality.
  7.  It is important that you like both the process of creating an Inspiration Board and the result.
  8. A successful mudboard can be if, looking at it, you can easily describe the theme, mood and what the author wanted to say.
  9. It is very important to create a moodboard in a good mood.
  10. Ready-made moodboard is better to put  in a prominent place.
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  • Ани Асоян
    July 31, 2020 3:22 pm

    Очень интересно)) А как быть, когда любимый цвет- фиолетовый, любимый стиль – готический, и при этом не впасть в меланхолию от этого?


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