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I’m Rebecca Lord – an artist, Vintage blogger on Instagram, Pure Fashion designer and a model. I share inspiration of romantic Vintage Fashion, especially the modest and feminine way of dressing.

I would like to inspire and motivate women – the way they dress and the ideology of being feminine.


My creative path goes from childhood. As a teenager I was drawing a lot and was dreaming to become a book illustrator, and at high school my sewing experience began. I made dresses for my porcelain dolls and started to make dresses for myself, because I could not find something that I like at the clothes stores. At the same time I created historical-inspired dresses and was taking pictures in those dresses.

My standard of beauty was historical fashion. Noble and elegant gowns from ancient paintings, such as 18th, 19th century and a vintage fashion of 40’s, 50’s of 20th century.

Another important idea of mine is to preach a modest way of dressing for women,

no matter what religion or denomination you are, real lady shouldn’t look provocative and vulgar.

Restraint and a sense of proportion – this is Elegance.

And here I am, self-taught  artist and designer of magical harmonious shapes, lines and looks, creating modest and feminine dresses and accessories for each woman, who feels craving for the Beautiful.

You will find here my personal blog and shop with all absolutely hand-made dresses and hats by Rebecca Lord – Pure Fashion.