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In the last decade, the world has been confronted with a new concept: modest fashion. The understanding of this term has caused a lot of disagreement, and all because today “modest fashion” is no longer the property of exclusively religious people.

Rebecca Lord Linen Dress Modest Fashion Ideas
Rebecca Lord in Linen Modest Dress

So, what does “modest fashion” mean?

What is “Modest Fashion”?

Modest fashion is a fashion trend that emphasizes the beauty of clothing that covers more of the body than typical fashion. It is a style that is often associated with religious or cultural beliefs, but it can also be a personal preference. The exact definition of “modest” varies across cultures and countries, but it generally refers to clothing that is less revealing and more comfortable to wear.

There are no common rules for Modest Fashion, but this is the essence of the word “modest”, to apply it in the generally accepted sense. Modest – not causing increased attention, not provocative, not provoking obscene thoughts towards a person.

Of course, the point is not to suppress and hide a woman from “lustful glances”. A woman is free to choose how she looks.

There are many subtleties in the interpretation of the term “decent fashion”, but in general it is about looking stylish without resorting to overly revealing or overly tight clothes.

Rebecca Lord in Floral Modest Dress and Straw Hat
Rebecca Lord in Romantic Floral Modest Dress

Very average – it looks like this:

Modest Clothing basic rules:

  • The neckline of the dress should not be too low. Approximately the width of your palm placed under your collarbone.
  • The length of the sleeve is not shorter than the width of the palm placed above the elbow.
  • The length of the skirt is not shorter than the width of the palm placed above the knee.
  • Сonceal your back and shoulders.
  • Avoid see-through materials, if they are worn directly on the body.
  • Avoid wearing excessively tight clothing that resembles a second skin and details all the folds and curves of the body.
  • Conceal your undergarments and the lines they cause.
Modest Fashion Floral Cotton Dress Modesty Rules
Modesty Common Rules

Of course, these are just general guidelines for modest fashion, and everyone chooses their own comfort limits. The point is not in the format of clothing as such, but in the choice that is made by each individual woman, taking into account her lifestyle, interests and moral and aesthetic values.

Modest Fashion – For Everyone!

Some social experiments have shown that clothes can indeed influence a person’s behavior and actions, but only on the condition that she/he her/himself gives it it’s symbolic meaning and endows these clothes with such abilities . This theory is called “Embodied cognition”.

The evolution of information and computer technologies, together with social networks, has led to the emergence of a new global cultural space: the exchange of visual and style codes, values and patterns of behavior, and products of diverse cultures.

This has a positive effect on mutual understanding and opens up new opportunities for self-identification, creativity and learning. Modest fashion, the origins of which go back to biblical traditions and values, is a significant part of this large socio-cultural “ornament”.”

Rebecca Lord in Linen Modest Outfit and Straw Hat Folk Fashion
Rebecca Lord in Folk Style – Cottagecore Outfit

Ecology of consciousness and restructuring of consumption styles:

The steady growth of financial literacy of the population, a meaningful shift to “minimalism”, indulging in thoughtless “wants”, as well as the rejection of fast fashion and the pursuit of “status” also directly influenced the development of modest fashion.

Among other things, modest fashion is centered around promoting the idea of “slow living,” mindfulness, self-control, and cultivating a sense of appreciation for something timeless and greater than oneself.

Replacing outdated beauty standards and boundaries expansion

There is a shift towards diversity and multiculturalism in the fashion world. Race and skin color are no longer a limiting factor. At fashion shows and in advertising campaigns, preference is increasingly being given to models whose faces, age and physical parameters create a new standard for the perception of beauty.

In this way, a more open, respectful attitude towards human differences is formed as unique values which arise as a result of different experiences and cultures, different external circumstances and expressing personal desires and preferences.

Rebecca Lord wearing Modern Vintage-inspired modest outfit
Rebecca Lord in Modern vintage-inspired modest outfit

New Concept of Modest Clothing

Obviously, a person’s appearance does not always reflect the essence of his consciousness.

Therefore, on the one hand, it is not necessary to wear a headscarf and special clothes to be a believer (“a person should first of all be pure in soul” and choose his path without violence and enforcement ”). On the other hand, it is important to remember that women who wear modest clothing are not necessarily religious.

Thus, today modest clothing, the visual codes of which are being reinterpreted everywhere, is chosen by a variety of women, without regard to age, religion, race or social status.

Rebecca Lord wearing Autumn Winter Modest Outfit in Romantic vintage-inspired style
Rebecca Lord & Vintage-inspired Autumn modest outfit

So, Is “Modest Fashion” a Restriction or a Freedom?

Despite the double standards in society,

Modest fashion is no longer a symbol of oppression or degradation of women’s rights.

Why? Because the key aspect here is personal choice – the choice in favor of this or that type of clothing.
Some women prefer tight-fitting, even sexy clothing, others prefer more laconic, sophisticated, elegant ones.
The situation works both ways, since today women have the right to buy and wear clothes of any design. This is the prerogative of individual freedom and сonscious decision.

Modest fashion is not just for religious or cultural reasons; it can also be a personal choice. Many women choose to dress modestly because they feel more comfortable and confident in clothing that covers more of their skin. Modest fashion can be empowering for women who want to express themselves through their clothing while still feeling comfortable and confident.

Rebecca Lord wearing winter wool tweed dress and felt hat
Rebecca Lord in Modest Winter Dress

Dear Friends, I really hope that my post was useful for you and for those who was considering to start wearing modest clothing.

Read also about beauty standards in different eras and today.

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