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Model & Photo: Rebecca Lord

Do you have your own beauty standard?

I never judge beauty from the only one “common” point.
But there are for sure some certain signs of beauty to most people… .

Different eras had their special features and descriptions for this concept. .

As for me, I try to see Beauty in evrything possible. And each woman for me is special and unique.
But I love to watch old paintings, portraits of people… and I must say, that certain clothes, hairstyle, eyes look are able to make of every women a real Pearl.

Pre-raphaelites’ Painting Portrait Of Woman

My favourites are Pre-raphaelites, but also Renaissance and periods from 17th till 20th centuries…
I find most of my inspiration there.
It does not matter, while it is a portrait of noble lady or modest peasant woman, they all have such a beautiful light. And it gives genuine inspiration for the soul…

Netherlands Painting Old School
Netherlands, Old School, Portrait Of Woman
Portrait Of Woman
Portrait Of Woman
Renaissance Painting
Renaissance Portrait Of Lady

Dress, hair, model and photo: Rebecca Lord

The Right Colour Of The Dress
Femininity is….

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  • Dear Rebecca,
    can you possibly advise me where can I see and buy your beautiful creations? I couldn’t find any link on this website..
    Thank you

    • You can find some of my head-pieces on my Instagram (highlights “Beretro”). I will create more in future.
      And if you mean my clothes, it will come a little later here, on this website. Please, stay tuned 🙂


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