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Femininity is...
Such question I posted few days ago in my stories. I was touched by your answers, so:. .

WHAT FEMININITY IS through your eyes…

🌷 Genuine- it should not be something you try to be.
🌷 Freedom.
🌷 Being yourself.
🌷 Making home warm and welcoming for all.
🌷 Being delicate, distanced and warm at the same time.
🌷 Classy, filigree, delicate and gentle.
🌷 Soft, submissive and dependent.
🌷 Finding out that God created a woman to be, and then living into it with all your heart.
🌷 Feeling pretty.
🌷 Tenderness, beauty.
🌷 Being true to your womanhood.
🌷 Not necessarily women, it’s an identity for anyone who wants to be softer.
🌷 Being elegant.
🌷 Wearing dresses and skirts, being happy with being different from men.
🌷 The often overlooked strength in being soft and caring.
🌷 Love yourself.
🌷 Being unapologetic.
🌷 Elegance and strength.
🌷 Fragility, tenderness, kindness.
🌷 The internal soul that shines strough in movements, attitude, clothes etc. .

And thanks to these kind ladies, who wrote that femininity is me. You are very sweet. 💕
Thank you, my dear friends, it was so amazing to think about such topic together!! Love you all 🥰🌷🌷🌷

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