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Early Morning Awakening

Early Morning Awakening - New Life - Painting
Eleanor – 1907 – Frank Weston Benson

This is not a simple topic to tell about. But I will share my own experience with you that made my life more organized and full of energy.

I was always considering myself an “owl”. A typical situation in a creative person. I could work all night long, and then feeling unable to get up for studies at school or university. I was hardly sleeping for 5 hours each night. Then going to learn and tried not to fall asleep at the middle of the lecture.

But few years ago my life changed. I became a “lark”! I started to get up very early in the morning, near 5 o’clock.

What are advantages of early awakening?

  1.  Your productivity increases significantly.  If you tried to work in the early morning, then you already know this secret.  A case that usually takes two to three hours in the morning can be done in an hour.  It seems fantastic.
  2. You will have extra time for yourself.  Imagine how great it will be if in the morning you can devote time only to your favorite things.  Perhaps, at last, you will fulfill your dream to do any art, read books that have been postponed “for later” or open your project.  In any case, morning inspiration will help you.
  3.  To get up early, you must set the correct mode of the day.  If you start going to bed no later than at 10 p.m., then you’d better get enough sleep.  And morning well-being will please you: with a sense of vivacity and clarity of thoughts for the whole day.
Early Morning Awakening Andre Maurois Painting
André Maurois – Wednesday’s Violets
At the beginning it may be a little bit difficult.
If you do not go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening or earlier, you will feel tired during the day. You also may meet misunderstanding in your own family, because your new mode may differ from your loved ones mode.

How to help yourself?

  • To wake up for a reason, for the sake of something.  Important, interesting, inspiring.
  • It could be any hobby that you do not have time for, during the day. For example, foreign language.
  • Reading of interesting or spiritual book.
  • Meditation or prayer.
  • Yoga and sports.
  • Your own project. If you started to make videos for you-tube or your blog or anything like this, you will have time to plan your ideas and to start making them.
  • A time for relaxation and self-care.
Just don’t give up and don’t quite practice.
You will see a good results after some time, so do not let yourself to get back to old habits.

The other important thing is to sleep at least 7 hours a day. If you slept less, try to take a nap during the day.

And enjoy the morning, the dawn, the feeling of mystery when you are the only one in the family who gets up so early.

This time is so quiet, calm and harmonious, but at the same time charged with the positive energy of awakening the world from a dream, that just contemplating it will help your health.

Ecstasy - Maxfield Parrish Painting - Dawn Morning
Ecstasy – Maxfield Parrish

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