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I have no secrets in this area. BUT:

  • I use only shampoo with natural ingredients.
    No parabens, no Sulfate, a lot of different oils and extracts of herbs. My favourite for many years is Ananda Shampoo with Grenoble Nut, based on Ayurvedic knowledge.
Ananda Shampoo with Grenoble Nut
  • Healthy food, enriched with different vitamins and minerals.
    It is very important to control the normal level of Iron in the blood. When it’s small, you will probably have a hair loss.
  • Keep stress levels to a minimum. It is one of the most frequent reasons of problems with hair.
  • I do not use any hair conditioners, because my hair is thin. Hair conditioners sometimes reduce hair volume.
  • I use Tangle Teezer brush to brush my hair perfectly, without leaving tangled hair.
Tangle Teezer Brush
Tangle Teezer Brush
  • I never use hair curler and iron, and very rarely use hair dryer.
  • I have never used hair dye in my life.
  • To bring my hair some extra-volume I comb the volume and fix hairdo with spray. I was making my own natural hair spray in the past. It was made of boiled lemon juice with water.

        *Whole, unpeeled lemon must be finely chopped or sent to a blender. Pour the resulting mass with three glasses of water and put it on fire. The mass will be half as much. Next, the broth needs to be cooled. To do this, just leave it in a cool, dark place for at least an hour. Strain the mass and pour into a container with a spray. Done!*

Lemon Hair Spray
  • Additional TIP: if you want your hair to have a natural shining and silkiness, use essential oil of Tea Tree, adding few drops of the oil on the wooden comb, and comb your hair with it for 10 minutes. Just leave roots untouched. Do this procedure on the absolutely dry clean hair after every washing.
Tea Tree Essential Oil by Omer Ha-Galil
Wooden Comb and Essential Oil

Do you have your own tips for hair care, ladies?

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