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Incredible Story – Beginning

Hello, Friends!

Long time no see. Today I am coming to tell you another funny story that happened to me few days ago.

Some of you may remember that one year ago my follower in Instagram kindly sent me this photo of the graffiti painting that was made on the wall of a 5 floors house in Novosibirsk, Russia.
The huge painting was made of my photoportrait in a Renaissance costume that I took few years ago (in 2017).

keeper of siberia graffiti novosibirsk
“Keeper Of Siberia” graffiti in Novosibirsk, Russia

This piece of art called “Keeper of Siberia”. And I suppose, that from the beginning the artist even did not know who the photoportrait belonged to.

After I have posted this story in Instagram, the artist Marina Yahoda did write me and thanked for inspiring her.

Keeper Of Siberia graffiti Novosibirsk Russia
“Keeper Of Siberia”- original photography and huge painting on the wall

New Graffiti Painting

Few days ago I received a message from the same follower in Instagram. On one of the pages about graffiti, she accidentally discovered another portrait of me, this time made in the city of Torgau, Germany.

Unfortunately, no credits were given. So it was only an accidental circumstance that I even found out about this portrait.

It was made on the wall of building by the group of graffiti artists from Siberia with support of local German artists.

Graffiti in Torgau Germany Deutschland Rebecca Lord
Graffiti in Torgau Germany Deutschland Rebecca Lord

This self-portrait photography I made back in 2012, when I was only starting to look for my own style and to create many vintage-inspired looks.

Rebecca Lord Photo-portrait 2012 vintage
Rebecca Lord Self-Portrait (2012)

At least, I am happy that my art can inspire other people for a new creations, and can make  citizens of Novosibirsk and Torgau happy, who were passing by the grey walls of those houses, until they were painted in such magical way.

And what do you think about this story, friends? Wasn’t it funny and amusing?

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